Thursday, September 24, 2009

Why is there just focus on climate and not overall planetary health?

I have been trying to discover existing positive efforts in resolving the debates on global ecosystem health issues. Yes, I agree that some of the ecosystem health issues are changes in the climate, but there are also other elements and signals such as extinction rate of planetary species, environmental erosion and degradation e.g., rain forests, farming agricultures, ocean and other water reservoirs pollution, etc. Yet the primary corporate funded media and political propaganda fronts primarily focus on using the term climate change? We, humans, are most likely the culprits with our economy and technology boom pumping out mass amounts of human by-products polluting the airways (including electronic airways), environments, and more with wastes of our productivity over carbonating the planet (impacting all species and essential resources for sustenance on this planet). So, in reality, do we really need to look at our global to individual behavior to better understand how to recognize what the root causes is? What is needed to foster international recognition and agreement on this issue? Is it:
1) to recognize and accept a global commission to oversee international collaborative programs for identification, discovery, recognition and consensus on planetary health; and the big question is can humans ever collectively do this?
2) identification and recognition of existing research programs working to identify symptoms and root causes to any degradation to planetary ecosystem health, can we do this and maintain fair competition in working this out?
3) identification of good guidance practices and policies that can be easily adapted to other nations with positive stewardship agreements towards curbing threats to the planetary health and enhancing planetary health & economy? Is there any chance of reality here?